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Writing Love on a Bottle of Water (episode 28)

Season's Greetings!! In this episode, the ladies of Hapa Happy Hour recount various events of 2013 and weigh in on some items of note, including the responses to this year's multiethnic Cheerios commercial! Feel free to email us your thoughts at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

As always, wishing you the happiest of holidays! See you in 2014! 


Lisa, Hiwa, & Rena

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Correction re: Jonathan Pryce & clarification re: Ang Lee

Dear listeners and readers,

I've been meaning to post this correction for months! My apologies for the delay--it's been a very busy time. Back in August on episode 27, "Re:Connecting," I mistakenly stated that Jonathan Pryce had played a Eurasian role in the play M. BUTTERFLY.  I meant to say that he had played it in the musical MISS SAIGON.  I am a huge fan of David Henry Hwang's beautiful play M. BUTTERFLY (saw it twice on Broadway starring BD Wong) and am deeply embarrassed by my error!  I spoke before thinking.

I also want to clarify something I said about film director Ang Lee.  At one point it sounded like I was saying that he had only worked in Taiwan before directing SENSE AND SENSIBILITY in the UK.  In fact, I knew he had worked in New York when he made THE WEDDING BANQUET (one of my favorite films!) and PUSHING HANDS. But I said "he had just been working in Taiwan."  What I meant was that he had most recently worked there (vs. only worked there).

Thank you for your patience with my impulsive speeches, and for listening to our podcast and reading the blog, and for your continued support over the years!



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