Hapa Happy Hour (podcasts)
A lively discussion and celebration of the mixed heritage experience.

Our last (?) episode of Hapa Happy Hour. We discuss how we began this podcast, what we're doing now, and what we hope for. Rena has accomplished a new degree, Lisa has continued success with "Alien Citizen" on DVD, and Hiwa tells of her travel to Scotland- "cold Hawaii". We sure do appreciate you, our audience, and always welcome your comments: hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Aloha.

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Hello, dear Listeners!

We are back with a new episode! As we head into what this new year has in store for us and our country, we felt it apropos to revisit our experiences in the first historic Women's March in 2017. It was profound for me listening to this episode again, and it filled me with a new hope for 2019. I hope it does the same for you.

We wish you a beautiful holiday filled with joy and peace for you and the ones you hold dear.

All good things, always,

Rena with Hiwa and Lisa xo

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Recorded in December 2016, we are finally publishing June 2018 (mea culpa, says Hiwa). We have also been: writing a new show (Lisa), touring the world with Alien Citizen and making the DVD (Lisa), getting a doctorate (Rena), raising children (Rena and Hiwa). We apologize for the absence.

And we look forward to any comments or questions you may have! Please write us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

Mahalo, Hapa Happy Hour

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On the Eve of the Inauguration of the 45th President (episode 34)

The Hapas reflect on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and share their thoughts about President-elect Trump, the electoral college, and family members who may disagree. Thoughts or questions? Email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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Hula, Family, Theatre (episode 33)

Join us for a discussion among 3 hapa women. Chicago, theatre, hula, adoption, solo show, and diverse casting are all discussed in this episode. We love hearing from you, please contact us with comments or questions at: HapaHappyHour@gmail.com. Aloha!

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Hapas in Theater (episode 32)

Tune in with Lisa, Hiwa, and Rena as we talk about Rena's dissertation on mixed-race, the history of hapas in theater, and our experiences auditioning for characters of color. We also dive into representations during the Olympics! We'd love to hear from you! Write to us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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Loving Day 2016

Tune in with Lisa and Hiwa as they discover technology and talk about race, Loving Day, films, and politics! And feel free to contact us through hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Happy Loving Day!

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Re:Membering (our memories our stories), part 2 (episode 30)

The happy Hapas are back! 

Hello, dear listeners! We hope to bring you more content and new episodes this year! We have lots to talk about including Lisa's upcoming keynote performance in Cape Town, South Africa!

Here's the continuation of our last episode, where we discuss being in college on the Mainland, Hiwa's performance in Steel Magnolias, and the our heartfelt connections between Alaska and Hawaii. Enjoy! (Recorded in August 2013.)

Feel free to drop us a line at hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Thank you for being a part of the Ohana! 

-Rena, Lisa, and Hiwa

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Re:Membering (our memories our stories) (episode 29)

The ladies talk about Lisa's succesful one woman show: ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey! Recorded last year (July 2013). 

Please contact us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com, we'd love to hear from you ;-)

Thank you for your support!

(Photo by Jen May Photography)

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Writing Love on a Bottle of Water (episode 28)

Season's Greetings!! In this episode, the ladies of Hapa Happy Hour recount various events of 2013 and weigh in on some items of note, including the responses to this year's multiethnic Cheerios commercial! Feel free to email us your thoughts at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

As always, wishing you the happiest of holidays! See you in 2014! 


Lisa, Hiwa, & Rena

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Re:Connecting (episode 27)

Published, graduated and Mom'd.  The three ladies of Hapa Happy Hour return to discuss the micros in their lives in the hopes of connecting with yours.  As always questions and comments are welcome: hapahappyhour@gmail.com

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Which box do you check?  (episode 26)

The ladies of Hapa Happy Hour discuss an article that talks about what box you would check to get in to college, since race matters in admissions in America today.  Please listen and join in by sending us your comments to hapahappyhour@gmail.com.  We value our listeners and would love to hear from you.  Kung hee fat choy!

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Coming of Age (episode 25)

Happy December! We close out the year, looking ahead and divulging what's next for the Happy Hapas in 2012! First, a discussion on Quinceanera and coming of age traditions. Rena is directing a play about Quinceanera in 2012! Then, Lisa discusses her new one-woman show about being a Third Culture Kid! We're "coming of age" in 2012!

Did you have a "coming of age" ritual or custom in your family? Share it with us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com!

Wishing you and yours and wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! With love, Rena, Lisa, and Hiwa

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Apologies and Other Things (episode 24)

The Hapa Happy Hour ladies are giddy to return to podcasting. This episode begins with many apologies and ends with happy holidays. Welcome to the holiday season! As always, we welcome your feedback: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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Theatre Arts Hapa (episode 23)

Acting is one of the oldest and most difficult professions - add being a hapa and the interesting stuff compounds!

Lisa, Rena and Hiwa met doing a production of Chekhovʻs "Three Sisters" and as actresses their experiences have varied from the sublime to the horrifying.

Join in the discussion by posting your comments at hapahappyhour@gmail.com, and thank you for listening!

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Being Brown (episode 22)

The ladies discuss standards of beauty and "white" privilege. For questions and comments, please email us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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The Search for Connection (episode 21)

Happy June! The ladies discuss a Hapa's rejection of her "Asian" side from Dr. E. J. R. David's Colonial Mentality Project and consider the ways they keep the connections to their mixed heritage alive.

For questions and comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com. We love hearing from you!!

For more information on The Colonial Mentality Project, go to: www.colonialmentality.com.

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Back in the Saddle (episode 20)

Join the Hapa Happy Hour ladies again as we welcome (haha) 2011!

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Global Hapa, Third Culture Kid We're back! Hapa Happy Hour returns with its first sibling interview! Recorded in December 2008, Lisa's brother John describes growing up a global nomad, furthering his multilingual studies in college, and how being blended has been just one part of a bigger package. For questions or comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.
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Lover of Languages (episode 18) ...And we're back yet again! Hapa Happy Hour returns with another great parent interview! Recorded in December 2008, Lisa's mother reflects on growing up all over the USA; learning to love languages; moving to Guatemala and meeting Lisa's father; marrying into a large Latino family of partially Chinese descent; and more. For questions or comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.
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American Hapa from Guatemala (episode 17) ...And we're back again! After taking another break, Hapa Happy Hour returns with our latest from the parent interview series! Recorded over the winter holidays, Lisa's father reflects on family, ethnicity, and class in Guatemala; Chinese traditions that he learned from reading James Michener's novel Hawaii; embracing American customs; and more. For questions or comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.
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Lessons from Land Far Away, Part III (episode 16) Our dear Renaʻs mom shares her story and life lessons and laughter...
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Lessons from Lands Far Away, Part II (episode 15) In the second half of Maria's interview, she not only recounts how she met Rena's dad, but also shares her philosophy about being an American and the strength of having "a hundred worldviews."  A must-listen episode!  For questions and comments, email us at: www.hapahappyhour.libsyn.com.
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Lessons from Lands Far Away, Part I (episode 14) ...And we're back!  After taking a little spring break, the ladies of Hapa Happy Hour are back with their latest from the parent interview series!  Recorded on New Year's Day, Rena's mom reflects on Filipino family ties, a war-torn Saigon, and life in rural America.  She shares candid stories about being a young teacher in a foreign country and explains how culture, circumstance, and environment work together to create one whole identity. 
For questions or comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com!
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Power of WORD: Friends Interview, Part II (episode 13) Our brilliant friends continue the conversation on being a multi-ethnic person. And we are looking for your submissions! Help us discover a new word to create new language in order to "name ourselves" - "minority" no longer applies :-) Send to hapahappyhour@gmail.com.
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Embracing Our Mixedness: Friends Interview Part I (episode 12) Happy New Year!  The ladies kick off 2009 and welcome friends, Michelle and Karen, to the podcast.  Together, they explore their journeys as fellow Hapas, giggle as only girlfriends can, and share some lessons about standing tall in their own shoes. Email at hapahappyhour@gmail.com!
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American Hope (episode 11) In this episode the women of Hapa Happy Hour discuss the 2008 presidential election, and President-Elect Barack Obama. Please send any comments or questions to hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Thanks for listening! Happy Holidays! (Recorded in November 2008.)
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Global Citizen, Heart of Gold, Part II (episode 10)  The second part of our interview with Hiwa's mom.  Donna discusses her ongoing love affair with Hawaii and asks the ladies personal questions about growing up.  Questions or comments about this episode?  Feel free to email the Hapas at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.  Mahalo! (Recorded in September 2008.)
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Global Citizen, Heart of Gold, Part I (episode 9) We proudly present Hiwa's mom, Donna, who shares her travels of the world and her journeys of the heart. This is part one in a two-part episode. Please share your thoughts with us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Mahalo! (Recorded in September 2008.)
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In the Eyes of Beholders (episode 8) Continuing the conversation about going home, from episode 6, the ladies talk about what itʻs like to be seen in various parts of the world. And where they feel the most at home. Are you Hapa, too? Let us know your opinions and questions at our email: hapahappyhour@gmail.com. (Recorded in August 2008.)
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Hiwaʻs Dad Talks Story (episode 7) Hiwa interviews her father, Terry, in the Honolulu airport. He is hapa himself, of Hawaiian and Chinese ancestry. Thanks for joining us and as always we welcome your comments and any questions... hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Aloha!
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Going Home (episode 6) 6 - Reflecting on our travels this past year and sharing the cuisines that make Alaska, Hawaii, and Guatemala so unique. Please email comments to hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Thanks! (Recorded in June 2008.)
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Meet Rena's Dad (episode 5) 5 - We're interviewing our parents! Meet our first guest, Rena's dad, Jim, from Chamberlain, South Dakota. Find out how this Midwestern farmer fell in love with a teacher from the Philippines. This week we also touch on the similarities between being transracially adopted and being multiracial. Please email any comments to hapahappyhour@gmail.com. (Recorded in May 2008.)
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Loving Day (episode 4) 4 - Celebrate Loving Day, the day the US Supreme court decided that mixed race marriage was (finally) legal in the United States! We talk about Loving vs Virginia and are grateful that our parents weren't arrested. Please email us at HapaHappyHour@gmail.com, thank you.
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Nurture vs Nation: We Are What We Eat (episode 3) 3 - Exploring the connection between how we were raised culturally and how we view ourselves. Someone can look Chinese but not know how to use chopsticks; breaking down stereotypical ideas. Please email us at HapaHappyHour@gmail.com, thank you. (Recorded in May 2008.)
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Where We Came From (episode 2) 2 - Further exploration into the backgrounds of Lisa, Hiwa and Rena. From Alaska to Hawaiʻi to Guatemala and beyond the women have experienced many places. Please send comments to HapaHappyHour@gmail.com, thanks. (Recorded in May 2008.)
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Who We Are (episode 1) 1 - Welcome to Hapa Happy Hour where Lisa, Hiwa and Rena, who met doing "Three Sisters", explore their multi racial experiences from three different backgrounds. Please email comments to HapaHappyHour@gmail.com, thank you. (Episode recorded in April 2008.)
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