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A lively discussion and celebration of the mixed heritage experience.
Coming of Age (episode 25)

Happy December! We close out the year, looking ahead and divulging what's next for the Happy Hapas in 2012! First, a discussion on Quinceanera and coming of age traditions. Rena is directing a play about Quinceanera in 2012! Then, Lisa discusses her new one-woman show about being a Third Culture Kid! We're "coming of age" in 2012!

Did you have a "coming of age" ritual or custom in your family? Share it with us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com!

Wishing you and yours and wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! With love, Rena, Lisa, and Hiwa

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Apologies and Other Things (episode 24)

The Hapa Happy Hour ladies are giddy to return to podcasting. This episode begins with many apologies and ends with happy holidays. Welcome to the holiday season! As always, we welcome your feedback: hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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Correction re: Pushkin

Hello dear listeners and readers,

I must apologize for having made an incorrect statement in Episode 23, "Theatre Arts Hapa."  I said that Alexander Pushkin's mother was Nigerian.  I was wrong.  In fact, she was Russian, and her grandfather, Abram Petrovich Gannibal (aka Abraham Hannibal), was black African--possibly from what is now Cameroon, possibly from Ethiopia, it's not certain where.  But he was a page and then a general and friend to Peter the Great.  

Pushkin was a person of mixed heritage who was proud of his black African ancestry.  To listen to a fantastic podcast by two women with black and white heritage,

go to http://www.mixedchickschat.com.

Thank you all for listening to our podcast and reading the blog! 


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Theatre Arts Hapa (episode 23)

Acting is one of the oldest and most difficult professions - add being a hapa and the interesting stuff compounds!

Lisa, Rena and Hiwa met doing a production of Chekhovʻs "Three Sisters" and as actresses their experiences have varied from the sublime to the horrifying.

Join in the discussion by posting your comments at hapahappyhour@gmail.com, and thank you for listening!

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Being Brown (episode 22)

The ladies discuss standards of beauty and "white" privilege. For questions and comments, please email us at hapahappyhour@gmail.com.

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The Search for Connection (episode 21)

Happy June! The ladies discuss a Hapa's rejection of her "Asian" side from Dr. E. J. R. David's Colonial Mentality Project and consider the ways they keep the connections to their mixed heritage alive.

For questions and comments, email us at: hapahappyhour@gmail.com. We love hearing from you!!

For more information on The Colonial Mentality Project, go to: www.colonialmentality.com.

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Back in the Saddle (episode 20)

Join the Hapa Happy Hour ladies again as we welcome (haha) 2011!

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