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Re:Membering (our memories our stories), part 2 (episode 30)

The happy Hapas are back! 

Hello, dear listeners! We hope to bring you more content and new episodes this year! We have lots to talk about including Lisa's upcoming keynote performance in Cape Town, South Africa!

Here's the continuation of our last episode, where we discuss being in college on the Mainland, Hiwa's performance in Steel Magnolias, and the our heartfelt connections between Alaska and Hawaii. Enjoy! (Recorded in August 2013.)

Feel free to drop us a line at hapahappyhour@gmail.com. Thank you for being a part of the Ohana! 

-Rena, Lisa, and Hiwa

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Rena's grad school is teaching Lisa's essay! Lisa's show is going abroad (?) and to southwestern US!

Dear readers/listeners,

I hope you're having a great 2015! Just wanted to share the exciting news that my essay, "Transforming Three Sisters: A Hapa Family in Chekhov's Modern Classic" is going to be taught in a graduate seminar on Rena's campus, UC Santa Barbara!

Also, my solo show, Alien Citizen: an earth odyssey, has been invited to two major international conferences: the SIETAR-Europa congress in Valencia, Spain (in May), and the Women Playwrights International conference in Cape Town, South Africa (in June-July)!  I've launched my very last campaign for this show on IndieGoGo, to try to fund travel/lodging/etc. expenses, in the hopes that the conferences will lead to a self-sustaining world tour: 


The show is also going to San Diego State University on April 16 and University of Arizona on April 22!

Thank you for following our podcast/blog--we do intend to publish another episode soon!



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